Wunlang School

Under the leadership of former refugee and our Executive Director, Franco Majok, we began our work in South Sudan in 2006 in Franco’s native village of Wunlang, building an 8-classroom primary school. Wunlang School, the first brick and mortar building in the village includes three latrines and potable water. In addition to the construction, water, and sanitation, VHSS supported villagers to make the bricks, furniture, and uniforms needed for the school. Village leaders and teachers have been consistently effective in staffing the school and bringing in resources from UNICEF and other large organizations supporting sustainable development in South Sudan. Wunlang Primary School has been operating successfully for several years, increasing the quality of education and the number of graduates each year. The School currently educates more than 500 students a year from Wunlang and surrounding villages.

Building on the success of their primary school, Wunlang would now like to build a secondary school for their students. The community has raised the funds needed to manufacture bricks and build the foundation for its vision of a 4-classroom secondary school. VHSS is collaborating with Wunlang elders and officials in this effort, committing to raising funds needed for roofing, plastering, and other materials.

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Wunlang Village
Wunlang Village

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