Wunlang Secondary School

Help change the future of villagers in South Sudan

Village Help for Soiuth Sudan Secondary School Wunlang
Village Help for South Sudan Wunlang Secondary School

Building on the success of Wunlang Primary School

  • Constructed in 2010 with local labor and materials.
  • Operates with local resources and staff.
  • Meets the standards of South Sudan’s primary education curriculum.
  • Attracts students from Wunlang and surrounding villages.
  • Thousands enrolled since the school opened.
  • Enrollment for 2019: 897 total – 471 boys; 426 girls.
  • Graduation levels have increased yearly to current level: 45 boys and 23 girls.
  • State’s leading school in standard test results.

The importance of building a secondary school now

  • Secondary education is the key for young people in South Sudan to enter the workforce and earn an income.
  • Secondary education encourages girls to stay in school and defer marriage, resulting in improved opportunities for them and future generations.
  • A secondary school in Wunlang will provide local access to education and opportunity. The alternative is attendance at a school in a far away town. For many families, transportation costs make this impossible.
  • Increased levels of education in the region help improve the region’s potential for growth and success.

Ensuring youth receive knowledge and skills for future independence and livelihoods

  • Most youth in Wunlang lack the foundational skills needed to succeed in competitive work environments.
  • As they reach secondary school age, young people face economic disadvantages and confront pressures to abandon education altogether.
  • Graduates from secondary school will be better prepared to support themselves, advance to university enrollment, and contribute to the development of South Sudan with their leadership skills.
  • As one generation succeeds, they pass this on to future generations, making an exponential difference.

How our project helps the entire village

  • Supports the local economy by using a local builder and project management staff.
  • Acquires quality materials and resources from local providers where available.
  • Charters a participatory PTO for responsive school governance and parent involvement.
  • Builds village enthusiasm and pride of ownership.

How YOU can help

  • Make an online donation to this project here.
  • Refer this project to your friends and coworkers.
  • If you are drawing income from a retirement account, consider the tax advantages of directing your withdrawal to VHSS to reduce your taxable RMD.
  • If you have a family foundation, please let us know how we can apply for funding.

VHSS provides development program support to under-served communities in South Sudan.  Our goal is to provide villagers with resources they need to help themselves, without building dependence on foreign entities.

Thank You!

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